BLENDER is a home for the mentally ill established by the parents of Susann S. Reck where she temporarily grew up.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Blender is on facebook


"...a tribute to all those people who were sent very early to another, narrow track. "

                                                                                                                                               Ilse Eichenbrenner,


"...wonderfully told stories. "

                                                         Jo Schück, aspekte/ZDF


                                                                                                             DVD is available at Psychiatrie-Verlag


Review at Allgäuer Zeitung (10.10.15)

Sharon Adlers Interview

with  Susann S.Reck at  AVIVA-Berlin

Review aBout Blender at Eppendorfer psychiatrische Zeitung 09/15

susann as a GUEST AT The TV-Show ASPECTe/ZDF (08/14/2015)

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Review about BLENDER!

In july 2015 Ilse Eichenbrenner wrote a wonderful review about BLENDER  on .

running pictures

Snapshots of the shooting, the  post-production, film fairs and screenings... 

"BLENDER is not primarily about craziness or being different. Against an impressive natural backdrop the film follows diverse forms of human existence following their lonely paths through life."

                                                       Susann S.Reck 

        First Cinema Tour 2015

Nov. 19th. Innsbruck/Austria,  Leo Kino 6.30 p.m.

 Oct. 15th. Immenstadt    Union Cinema   7  p.m.

Oct. 10th  Berlin  Cinema Moviemento   7  p.m.

pinellodrom (may 2015)

Film fairs

BLENDER was shown during the European film market at the Berlinale 2014 !

The rough cut of BLENDER was shown in 2013 at the Leipzig Film Fair.

Trailer and stream

If you want to write about  BLENDER or if you are interested in another professional way,  the film is available as stream for you!    

DVD release of BLENDER in Juy 22016 at 


Blender 2016                                 at the University of the arts 

Blender ist gonna be shown at the UDK/ Berlin  in May! 

Blender at MCI/ Nov. 20th 15

BLENDER was invited to the Management Center Innsbruck in Austria to talk with future social workers about the film, filmmaking and the significance of childhood.

release of the film score        (2016)

" I´m so happy to announce that Persererance Records is releasing a new CD of Donald Rubinsteins music. It combines his score for the upcoming documentary feature film BLENDER by german director Susann S.Reck , with his score for George  Romero´s feature film BRUISER ."

Robin Esterhammer

In the booklet you´ll find  some b/w photographs, Susann S.Reck shot  in the 90s on the BLENDER. 

blender crossmedia

Susann S.Reck and friends are working on a exhibition about BLENDER.

                                    artwork by donald rubinstein©